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Thursday, February 25, 2016

How can i get ranking soon for organic traffic in 2016 with SEO

Now a day, we are looking for organic traffic for our business through free campaigning on google and other search engines. I have faced many interviews and meeting just for unpaid campaigning. Unpaid campaign is not easy for these days because Facebook, google, yahoo and other want paid advertising. you are not able to boost your business online without help of paid advertisements.

I have faced one question which is very important for digital marketing profile.

  1. How can you get business from Google without pay single one paisa?
  2. What is the  process of lead generation?
  3. Is this Social Media helps to get leads for our businesses?
  4. Can you do verified the Facebook, twitter and google plus fan page?
  5. What is main source for sales in online marketing?
  6. What is the most important for eCommerce businesses?
  7. My website has already a brand but we don't have relevant traffic. how can you target relevant traffic on our website?
  8. Can you provide SWOT for our business?
  9. What is Software Testing Life Cycle for Website?
  10. Search Engine optimization is still alive?
My reply for all question is YES, we can get business from google without any spends. web business architect is the process of lead generation. social media optimization helps to get leads through custom campaign and through inbound marketing. Yes we can do verified facebook, twitter and other fan pages through content marketing on our social platforms. 

Conclusion is that for all interview question is "Content Marketing for products, services or business" which helps to get connection between website and users (New users and revisits). Currently i have used it for all projects, i have almost succeed in all activities just because of Content marketing or we can say it inbound marketing for organic traffic on website through SEO 2016 

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