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Thursday, February 25, 2016

How can i get ranking soon for organic traffic in 2016 with SEO

Now a day, we are looking for organic traffic for our business through free campaigning on google and other search engines. I have faced many interviews and meeting just for unpaid campaigning. Unpaid campaign is not easy for these days because Facebook, google, yahoo and other want paid advertising. you are not able to boost your business online without help of paid advertisements.

I have faced one question which is very important for digital marketing profile.

  1. How can you get business from Google without pay single one paisa?
  2. What is the  process of lead generation?
  3. Is this Social Media helps to get leads for our businesses?
  4. Can you do verified the Facebook, twitter and google plus fan page?
  5. What is main source for sales in online marketing?
  6. What is the most important for eCommerce businesses?
  7. My website has already a brand but we don't have relevant traffic. how can you target relevant traffic on our website?
  8. Can you provide SWOT for our business?
  9. What is Software Testing Life Cycle for Website?
  10. Search Engine optimization is still alive?
My reply for all question is YES, we can get business from google without any spends. web business architect is the process of lead generation. social media optimization helps to get leads through custom campaign and through inbound marketing. Yes we can do verified facebook, twitter and other fan pages through content marketing on our social platforms. 

Conclusion is that for all interview question is "Content Marketing for products, services or business" which helps to get connection between website and users (New users and revisits). Currently i have used it for all projects, i have almost succeed in all activities just because of Content marketing or we can say it inbound marketing for organic traffic on website through SEO 2016 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Be Aware Of Duplicate SEO packages !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEO Packages Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
Budget 250 $ / month 350$ / month 450$ / month 850 $ / month
Timeline 6 months 8 months 10 months 12 months
Website Site Analysis yes
yes yes yes
Competitor Analysis yes yes yes yes
Keywords Research 15 25 30 50
Keywords Selection 10 20 25 35
Search Engine Ranking report yes yes yes yes
Site pages optimized yes yes yes yes
SEO friendly Navigation yes yes yes yes
Meta-Content Optimization yes yes yes yes
Images to be Optimized yes yes yes yes
Sitemap creation yes yes yes yes
Robot.txt yes yes yes yes
Google Analytics yes yes yes yes
RSS Feed No
Directory submission yes yes yes yes
Link building yes yes yes yes
Social Bookmarking yes yes yes yes
Social Networking Profile - 10 15 15
Article submission 40 60 60 60
Press Release submission 25 35 40 40
Blog Marketing yes yes yes yes
Classified ad creation and posting yes yes yes yes
Forum posting yes yes yes yes
Video optimization yes yes yes yes
Search Engine Ranking Reports yes yes yes yes
Work status reports yes yes yes yes
Client support Email Support Email Support Email/Chat
Traffic Reports No No yes yes
Top page ranking in Google for keywords min 3 min 5 min 10 min 15
Top page ranking on Yahoo or MSN min 3 min 5 min 10 min 15
Traffic increase on organic search engine results

yes yes yes yes

Saturday, June 12, 2010

WHO IS SEO ??????????????????

Search Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex, ever changing process.

Search engines constantly change their algorithms, shuffle their indexes, merge results and share content. The only consistent thing about marketing your website to them is that what works really well today probably won’t work so well tomorrow.

That is why you need an experienced search marketing professional who keeps two fingers on the pulse of the major search engines. If Google hiccups, we know about it. If Yahoo! gets stubborn, we’ll coax those rankings back to the first page.

Working with search engines is a long-term, high maintenance relationship and we're dedicated to managing that relationship so you don’t have to, and at an investment you can feel good about.
How does seo works?

This is the million dollar question. And we can almost guarantee you that for every person you ask, you’ll get a different answer. That’s because marketing to the search engines is like any creative endeavor: cooking, painting, carpentry, etc.

If you ask five people to bake a cake, you’ll get five unique cakes each with different ingredients. Ask ten people to craft you a chair and you’ll get ten distinct pieces each with its own style.

Because the search engines change their ranking algorithms (the equations they use to analyze a website’s reputation and rankability) so often, and they each use such widely varying criteria, there are literally hundreds of ways to promote your site to the first page of search results.

However, there are certain universal guidelines regarding what central principles and elements are vital to your search marketing strategy. There are also very clear rules against certain practices that attempt to cheat or trick the search engines.

Principles for Successful Search Engine Optimization


Content will always be your key ticket to top rankings. Without it, any rankings achieved will be short-lived. For content to help your ranking, however, you need a lot of it and it has to be updated regularly. Most importantly, each page of content must target a specific keyword term.

However, if your site possesses content that is auto-generated or is poorly written, i.e. a human visitor would not find it useful and informative, the search engines will figure it out and demote your site, possibly even blacklisting you and preventing you from showing up in their results at all.

We develop well-written, keyword targeted content for your site that is updated consistently and monitored for rankability. Your business will enjoy the added benefit of an ever-growing resource library of information that your site visitors will enjoy and which will also help with your sales conversions.


More specifically, one-way links from authoritative sites in your niche market. You can find out how authoritative a site is by looking at its Page Rank.

Page Rank, or PR, is a ranking system Google devised to show how much weight or authority a particular site has. No one can say the exact methodology Google uses to assign Page Rank, however all SEO experts agree that it largely has to do with the amount of incoming links a site has, how long it’s been around, and visitor activity on the site (yes Google even knows how long someone remains on your site after they click through from the search results!).

What this means for you is that you want as many high PR sites linking into your site as possible (without you linking back to them). This is because Google gives these sites a lot of respect and values their “recommendations” signaled by who they choose to link to.

Google and the major search engines analyze your website the way scholars judge academic papers. The more journals and other reputable papers cite your research and quote you, the more authoritative and "expert" you become.

We negotiate inbound links on your behalf, concentrating on links from sites related to your market whose reputation thematically relates to the reputation you're trying to build. We also make sure these links deep-link into your website, meaning that they link to various pages in your website, rather than just to your homepage (also a sign that you're highly authoritative).

Visitor Behavior

Google knows everything. Other Search Engines like Yahoo! and MSN aren't so far behind. If a visitor clicks from their search engine into your site, and leaves immediately, Google knows that they didn't find what they were looking for. If too many people do this, Google will drop you from their rankings because they assume you're not relevant for that particular term. This is why site design, compelling content, and conversion analysis are important.

We offer Website Conversion Optimization in addition to SEO to help you address this particular issue.

Human Thoughts

Google wants to know that a human is running the show. Automated SEO software, or any techniques that add hundreds of pages to your site within a week, or which create content automatically, are a dead giveaway that you're doing something Google doesn't like.

This won't just get you knocked off the top 10 rankings - Google and other search engines will ban your site from ever showing up in their results - even when someone searches your exact domain name. This is why any illegal or unethical techniques will kill your business.
We hand craft every single page of information on your website and upload those pages consistently over several months.

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