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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Perfect SEO Guidelines for your website

Now days, you and I are seeking for most strong guidelines for our website for strong and instant ranking on search engines. That's why I am sharing best points for your best website :-

1. Accelerated Mobile Page
2. Rich Snippets
3. Internal linking through Breadcrumb
4. Floating Tabs
5. Render Blocking
6. Website gzip
7. Local business linking

And many others who can helps to get instant ranking on search engines

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Friday, September 12, 2014

The Future Of SEO, (2014-2015)

The Future of SEO 2014-2015

  • Content marketing(CMS) will move from being the current fad to being just “everyday SEO."
  • Will require a deeper understanding of what content really does, beyond just “drawing search traffic.”
  • Google will begin to value particular authors as a ranking factor, but the effect will be subtle, hard to detect, and only granted to the very top authors in each topical area.
  • While links will continue to be of primary value, smart SEOs will more and more value other means of creating traffic and audience around a site.
Great SEO is really no different than it was a few years ago. Terrible SEO is what’s changed drastically. Google is shooting down all the easy link building tactics, but if you’re focused on your audience, their needs and building compelling content to support those things, then most small nuances of SEO don’t make that big of a difference to you "Says Kapil Sunariya Google SEO Experts"

SEO Work for 2015

  1. Use hashtags on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter and toerh Sister sites.
  2. Use future keywords for Great Results.
  3. Use Dofollow links with contextual linking for SEO.
  4. Use Blog Commenting for sharing your Content.
  5. Use Article Marketing
  6. Use referral traffic for getting Unique traffic visitors.
  7. Use Trending Keywords for getting relevant business leads. 
  8. Permalinks are one of the best SEO tips
  9. Search Engine doesn’t see the images they just read about the images in your like there Title and alt tag which can easily be added by clicking on the images when you are in edit mode and mention it in the property.
  10. Add rel=”nofollow” tag in every external link you specify in your blog.
  11. As one of the biggest factors in Page Ranking is backlinks. A backlink is nothing but just a link to your site in any other site. But on which site it matters
  12. Write the Unique Content this mean people who are searching for it will definitely visit your site and Search Engines love unique contents. People may voluntarily link back to you.
  13. At least 2-3% keyword density. It means if you have a blog of 500 words you can use 10 to 15 keywords from the blog.
For more query you may Call Google SEO Expert for SEO 2015.

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