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Our professional experience? Well, all aspects of helping business owners to maximise their online presence:

1. Business websites that convert visitors to customers and generate more revenue.

2. Social Media Marketing (using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube) to help SMEs find and engage with their target audience.

3. Online Brand Reputation Management - helping to maintain a positive company image and promoting the right messages in the right channels (and dealing wth negative publicity, quickly and effectively).

4. Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) to increase the Google rankings of our clients' websites.

5. Pay Per Click (or PPC / Paid Search Advertising) to bring immediate, qualified visitor traffic to a website.

6. Email Marketing campaigns for long term customer engagement and retention.

7. Website Analytics and Conversion Monitoring - detailed measurement of a website's performance to understand visitor behaviour and goal tracking.

Developing a sustainable Online Marketing strategy requires vision and focus; we take great pride in creating long term relationships with our clients and developing a deep understanding of their business objectives.


Digital Marketing Consultancy, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Paid Advertising (PPC), Website Design and Architecture, Content Plans, Targeted Lead Generation, Email Marketing

Affiliate marketing is still an essential digital media channel for many transactional Ecommerce sites for retailers, travel and financial services. Affiliate marketing is also a revenue model to consider for site owners, especially online publishers. Here’s the issues to think about it to manage it effectively.
B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

Traditional promotional techniques will only get today’s B2B marketer so far. Digital marketing techniques can support B2B marketing well since B2B relationships are rarely about an immediate one-off transaction. Rather it is about building reputation, demonstrating capability and showcasing credibility.

Content marketing management

Content marketing is a vital method of engaging online audiences and using social sharing to reach new audiences too. Our content strategy guides and templates give you the tools to support this process.

Customer engagement

Of all the areas of digital marketing we cover on Smart Insights, Customer engagement is arguably THE most important and THE most challenging for a brand. It’s crucial to repeat business, but with the choice available online difficult to achieve.

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management or CRM is a well established approach. Although some argue it’s impossible to achieve and customer managed relationships is more appropriate! Digital media provides new opportunities to tailor customer communications integrated with traditional channels.  We also review this for our email marketing tactic.

Digital marketing platforms

In the beginning, the web was just flat text and images accessed through desktop computers. In this section we cover emerging technologies and innovation.
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  • Augmented Reality examples
  • Audio and video streamed presentation

Digital marketing strategy

Your digital strategy provides a foundation for all of your tactical marketing to engage customers across the lifecycle of Reach-Act-Convert-Engage summarised in our RACE digital marketing planning framework.
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  • Digital marketing strategy trends


Our content on E-commerce focuses on techniques to increase sales of transactional Ecommerce sites including retail, travel and financial services.
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  • Creating a digital strategy
  • Developing an online brand strategy

Email marketing

Some say Email marketing is dead. We’re sure there’s a lot of life in yet; it’s still a primary way of engaging customers and one of the most popular topics on Smart Insights.
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  • Our 7 Step Email Marketing Guide
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  • Email communications strategy
  • Tracking email marketing
  • Reviews of email and enewsletter software

Goal setting and evaluation

If you don’t know where you’re heading, you’ll never know when you get there or whether you’re on track. Setting the right goals for digital marketing isn’t so easy, but our RACE framework should help you select the right goals.
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  • Difference between efficiency and effectiveness measures

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool, but to get the most from it and so get more commercial value from your Internet marketing needs careful setup. Our guides take you through the steps to customise it for your business.
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  • Google Analytics Setup Guide
  • Goal setup in Google Analytics
  • Using advanced segments in Google Analytics
  • Tracking offline campaigns with Google Analytics

Managing digital marketing

Managing digital marketing will often need new skills, new staff, new technologies and new processes for marketing. It’s a big change! We look at digital marketing governance the – best way to structure teams and update processes in larger organisation. If you’re a team of one you can ignore this section! The bigger the organisation, the bigger the challenge!
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  • McKinsey update on the 7S model (podcast)

Marketing campaign planning

In this section we show techniques and examples of how to plan and execute effective integrated marketing campaigns to attract more people to your sites or engage with your brand.
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  • How to review your traffic mix in Google Analytics
  • Campaign planning template
  • Media attribution

Marketplace analysis

Understanding your customers online is the first step to improving your results from online channels. Next, it’s benchmarking competitors and looking for partners to work with. We’ll show you how to audit your capabilities and identify the best commercial opportunities.
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Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is massive already and forecast to exceed desktop Internet access in many developing countries. So every marketer needs to keep tabs on the opportunities of reaching their audiences via mobile and how to make their mobile sites and presences visible and accessible. To learn more take our free mobile marketing healthcheck
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Online PR

We think Online PR is one of the most cost-effective marketing approaches for all types of business. But it’s difficult to get right since it is often managed by different people and there’s the overlap with SEO and social media marketing.
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Online brand strategy

The Internet and digital technologies give fantastic opportunities to engage companies with your brand in new ways.

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