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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO Expert)

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We specialise in conversion rate optimisation for highly competitive niches, such as finance, travel, gaming and weightloss. Our proven approach to conversion rate optimisation will increase your revenue and help you dominate your market.

Our approach to CRO

We help our clients get double- or triple-digit percentage increases in their conversion rate by following a defined CRO process.
Our conversion rate tests are always based on usability tests and customer analysis. Put simply, we find out why visitors aren’t converting – then fix it.
As a result, we’ve added millions of pounds to our clients’ annual turnover. This has allowed them to increase their advertising budget, which in turn allows them to increase their market share substantially.
This is, of course, hugely important for websites in competitive niches. While your competitors may achieve minimal increases by testing small or irrelevant changes, we’ll be finding out the real reasons why your visitors aren’t converting and then addressing these head on.
We’re absolutely confident in our approach to CRO. We’re always happy to discuss performance-related pay.

The process

A simplified version of our process is below:

Research and analysis
We analyse your sales funnel, from the acquisition of visitors through to the lifetime customer value. We do not limit ourselves to just working on your landing pages. Through a series of usability tests and surveys, we identify the visitors’ objections and usability issues – ie the reasons why they either don’t want to or can’t convert.
After discovering the objections and usability issues, we develop potential solutions. These solutions range from improving copy and images to setting up new mechanisms. Finally, we prioritise the potential improvements to ensure that we target the biggest and quickest opportunities first.
We work either with your in-house designers and developers or with ours to develop the new variations, ready for testing.
We implement and monitor the tests, using split-testing software.
We review the test results, and conduct follow-up tests where necessary. Finally, we’d analyse whether the elements or principles that increased the conversion rate in this test can be applied to other parts of the sales funnel. This information feeds into the research and analysis phase, and the process is repeated.

The benefits of Conversion Factory’s approach

1. We get big increases in the conversion rate quickly. Because we identify the reasons why visitors aren’t converting, we’re able to address these head-on and boost the conversion rate in a very short space of time.
2. Increases in conversion rate are multiplied. We analyse the elements and principles that have increased the conversion rate in one part of the sales funnel, and then determine whether they can be applied to other parts of the sales funnel as well. Increases in the conversion rate are often multiplied several times over.
3. We introduce new mechanisms to increase the conversion rate. We don’t limit ourselves to individual landing pages or the current sales funnel. If we feel that the overall process can be improved, we’ll work with you to test this.
4. We help you increase lifetime customer value (LCV). This may include analysing, testing and improving email communications, or we may work with you to set up a refer-a-friend programme.

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